SINTA will decide on the 12th of July whether or not they will take a nationwide strike against the government for failing to meet all conditions contained in an MOU signed last year.

Speaking on behalf of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA) Industrial Relations officer, John Lee Hatimoana, says SINTA and the government had signed the MOU together with the teacher's handbook and teachers Scheme of Service. Mr Hatimoana said that unfortunately the government had failed to live up to conditions set out and signed in the MOU.

Mr Hatimoana said that contained in the MOU is the government's obligation to implement conditions in the Agreements by the end of June this year. He says many teachers in the 'Teachers in Training' category have not been paid as well as teachers holding responsible posts as agreed on by both parties.

Mr Hatimoana says another strange discrepancy is the fact that probationers receive higher pay than teachers who have been teaching for more than ten years.