About 35 local referees will attend a FIFA Refereeing Course for elite referee from 17th -22nd November at the SIFF Academy.

Local FIFA Referee Instructor Neil Poloso said those identified are from Honiara and the provincial football association.

A list of candidates for the course has been submitted to SIFF Development officer, Noel Wagapu for screening and approval.

The names of the candidates would be announced once the list is finalized.
All traveling cost for the provincial participants will be met by the Provincial Football Associations.

The PFAs presidents have been informed of this arrangement at the recent SIFF Congress.

Poloso said this is the first FIFA refereeing course for Solomon Islands and those who will attend it are expected to gain invaluable refereeing knowledge.

"This is good for Solomon Islands as the instructors would be able to learn how to teach, do their own programmes," he adds.

Meanwhile, the programme hopes to;
. To improve the knowledge of the referees and referee instructors regarding the laws of the game and the refereeing techniques;
. To assist the referees and referee instructors improve their performance and the uniform and consistent application and interpretation of the laws of the game;
. To improve and increase the quality of referee instructors.