Calls for re-armament of the Solomon Islands Police Force is opposed, among others, by Pacific NGOs who have called on the new Police Commissioner Jahir Khan to end the attempts.

FemLINKPACIFIC Coordinator, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, joined Solomon Islands National Council of Women and other NGO and Civil Society groups in calling on the Pacific Forum Regional Security Committee now underway in Fiji to adopt a Regional Human Security Framework.

She stressed on the importance for Solomon Islands Police Force to recognise the commitment of Pacific Leaders to a human security framework for the region on disarmament and not re-armament, particularly during the post conflict transformation phase.

FemLINKPACIFIC joins NCW General Secretary Ella Kauhue in opposition to the proposal, stressing on the need for Solomon Islands to remain a gun-free nation as the peace process is still very fragile and rearming segments of the police is a threat to sustainable peace.

Ms. Kauhue describe the proposal as "a very sad chapter for the women of Solomon Islands", saying Mr. Khan should be more familiar with the experiences of women during the ethnic tension period to make such decisions.