The Malaita Provincial Disaster Committee and National Disaster Council are sending another multi-agency team of assessors today to Sikaiana Island.

The team is being sent in response to reports of damages caused by the same storm surges that destroyed food gardens and water sources on Lord Howe Islands on 9th December last year.

A four-man team from Malaita Province's Disaster Committee flew into Honiara this morning to join the Honiara component to leave this evening on the MV Belama for Sikaiana via Ulawa Island.

National Disaster Management Office Director, Loti Yates, says the team will also carry some basic relief food supplies for the more than 200 people of Sikaiana.

Reports reaching NDMO earlier this month said the waves of 9th December inundated the island and damaged some garden areas as well as water wells, adding that big populations of birds and flying foxes are exacerbating their food problems.

The report explained that this increase is due to the lack of guns on the island because of the amnesty following the ethnic conflict ten years ago.

It also said the island has also been having abnormal tides which last between one to two weeks.

Medicine stocks are also low because of lack of regular shipping services, the report said.

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