Reports from the Radio Happy Lagoon have stated that a strong whirlwind hit Gizo just after 12-midday today, causing minimal damage to some relief supply materials.

The reports stated that the whirlwind came from the direction of Malakerava settlement, a tsunami devastated area on the eastern part of Gizo.

Radio Happy Lagoon reported that the force of the wind uprooted a leaf house and uplifted five one-thousand gallon aluminum water tanks, carried the tanks away from the wharf and threw them into the Gizo sea front, near Nusa Baruku.

The event forced hundreds of panicked shoppers and people in the town to run for safety in the hills, while most business houses closed down for a while. Radio Happy Lagoon reported that while many are still alarmed at the apparent suddenness of the whirlwind, no casualties were reported.

Gizo town has been subjected to the brunt of Mother Nature having just recovered from an earthquake and a tsunami disaster not so long ago.