Solomon Islands' former Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, is no longer a Member of Parliament.

Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, has clarified the issue, stating that Sir Allan, who has been sentenced for more than six months and having served the term, ceases to be a Member of Paliament.

Radio New Zealand International quotes Sir Peter as stating that the motion does not mean Sir Allan can consider an appeal against the decision and remain as an MP.

Earlier this week, veteran politician Alfred Sasako questioned Parliament's wisdom in the passage of a recent motion allowing Kemakeza to keep his seat after serving time in jail.

Parliament passed the motion, moved by Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua, just before the Christmas/New Year recess.

Sir Peter was quoted as stating there is no option as the court conviction disqualified Sir Allan's right to remain as MP.

The MP for Savo, Sir Allan, was released from prison last Wednesday.

Source: Radio New Zealand International