Malaita Police Commander, David Diosi, urges leaders in the country to help resolves differences between members of different faiths.

Mr Diosi made the comment following what he describes as an "isolated" incident, where a member of a Muslim group recently bashed an Anglican priest in East Malaita.

He says both national and provincial leaders including leaders of different faiths should come together and discuss and find a way in which their members practice tolerance for each other.

Mr Diosi says the challenge is for people to have tolerance for different faiths.

He says people should have respect for each other as people have freedom to choose whatever faith they want to belong to.

"If we try to use force to change or force people to accept what we want them to follow, you will continue to encounter a lot of problems. And that would cause a lot of disputes with the different religions that we try to adopt or introduce in our society."

Source: SIBC News