A Solomon Islands Foreign Affairs Officer has publicly apologised for a drunken rampage in Taiwan after he was refused access to a restaurant's karaoke room.

William Marau caused a ruckus in the Taipei restaurant then later assaulted three local police when he tried to buy cooked eggs in a convenience store.

The embarrassing incident happened when Mr. Marau was in the capital for training with Taiwan's military college in late November last year.

Earlier this week, he apologised for the incident by writing a letter to the Solomon Star newspaper.

"I am deeply sorry and I sincerely apologise to the nation for my very unprofessional behaviour," he said.

"I had actually taken too much alcohol beyond (my) limit, misbehaved to a degree by talking roughly and showing anger to some of the army personnel, just because I was refused access to a karaoke room.

"I got drunk, misbehaved, caused huge damage in a restaurant, and caused injuries to three policemen in Taiwan," he said.

Mr. Marau punched one of the police officers when they tried to handcuff him in the convenience store.

"For me, unfortunately, there has always been no limit rule. With a start of a glass or bottle of alcohol, the urge for more and more of it is just irresistible," he wrote.

The Government has remained silent as to whether Mr. Marau will be sacked.

The Solomons is one of 25 countries that diplomatically recognises Taiwan over China.

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