Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena has said that the current severe global financial crisis and the consequential hardship is being felt by mankind world over.

In his New Year Message broadcast last night over national radio, SIBC, Sir Nathaniel said the crisis may well be a wake-up call to mankind as a result of corporate and personal greed with lack of consideration for others.

He said people gain the better of their fellow man whose abilities to protect themselves from the over-powering might of the rich and the powerful in human affairs has became the destruction of human society.

Sir Nathaniel said the inevitability of climate change effects on humanity is the direct consequence of selfish profiteering ambition in economics.

"Our rural people are however, some what bless in our village way of life by depending on food gardens for survival. Our people must remain in our villages where there is free water, food and shelter which are the basis necessities to sustain livelihood."

Sir Nathaniel said coming to Honiara and other urban centres with the hope to find any means to make money is not true.

He said under the current very difficult world circumstances our rural people will be better advised to remain in their rural villages to produce whatever they can.

Sir Nathaniel said 2009 can only become sustainable if out people throughout our villages and towns are able to come to terms with the fact that life would become difficult.

He said Solomon Islands is going to be badly affected by the direct effect of the global recession, which has began in 2008.

Source: SIBC News