With the Christmas celebrations over and done with, reports from responsible authorities has turned out positive.

Chief Superintendent, Peter Aoranisaka, Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations highlighted this at a press conference held today at the Rove Headquarters.

He expressed his gratitude towards lack of increasing criminal activities during the festive season of Christmas both in Honiara and the provinces.

Despite reports received on cases on child bashed to death and a hit and run case both in Malaita, and a wounding case in Choiseul, "things have been quiet over the Christmas period".

"We have received reports from provincial stations and happy with the outcomes," he said.

Meanwhile, the Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations acknowledged that results on the raid on kwaso brewing over the weekend has been successful with help of the public.

"Police cannot be everywhere at once and definitely need the help of the public to help curb criminal activities," he said.

"People in the urban centres have really helped our operations to be successful and without their help, we couldn't do anything or know where criminal activities have taken place."

He urged the public to maintain the peaceful celebration mode and take precaution when celebrating New Year's Day.