For most people, trading life in the city to settle in the "back-way" village lifestyle is not always in favour.

This is especially among youths who find being in the village as boring and hard life to cope with.

Water shortage and food scarcity is among many reasons youths shuffle as to why they prefer being away from the rural setting.

But one young man, Joe Wala, 24, said he would never trade his village life to being a town youth.

Solomon Times took time to take an almost two hours bumpy ride out of town to visit young Joe's hide-out in Aruligo, West of Guadalcanal and one word sums up the atmosphere: relaxing.

"I hear complaints from young people of village life being hard but this is so much better than being in town," Joe told Solomon Times.

He said that food is never a problem for their family and water comes fresh from a dam above the village.

"We only go to town for other necessities but at most, we prefer it out here where there's fresh air and life is simple and stress-free."

The family has plantations of various fruit, coconuts and a huge poultry to generate income, added with selling copra, "a business handed down to me by an uncle".

Water supply for the village comes from a nearby river head "so there is no need to worry about bills and water cuts".

"We may not have what most homes in the city have to offer, such as electricity and proper water system but I will never trade that for this relaxing environment," he said.

Scent of the ocean and sounds of waves crushing up the shores, enjoying a beautiful sea view and picnic spots just a few meters down the road was a good change from the hustles and bustles of town life.

"Set aside all the fancy stuff that town has to offer, life is too expensive and most times people are stressing over costs of things to survive, which is not the case for me and my family in the outback."