Member of Parliament for East Makira, David Sitai, calls on the government to seriously address immediate threats to the Solomon Islands population.

Mr. Sitai said these threats include unemployment, climate change and HIV and AIDS.

He said the number of unemployed Solomon Islanders is increasing every year while the economic growth cannot provide employment.

Mr. Sitai said this contributes the rise in criminal activities.

He suggested that apart from taking up seasonal employment in New Zealand and Australia, the government should consider training youths to take up peace keeping duties under the auspices of the United Nations.

Mr. Sitai said that with regards to Climate Change, it is now becoming real and not just a topic of discussion.

He said the government must take into account reports made by the Ministry for Environment and take appropriate steps to make sure people on atolls likely to be affected are taken care of.

Mr. Sitai said that with the ever increasing presence of HIV and AIDS, the government should properly plan and resource activities in combating the disease.

He warned that Solomon Islands has a small population and an epidemic of HIV and AIDS can wipe out the population in a number of years.

Mr. Sitai said these are immediate threats the government should consider addressing in its yearly budgets and action plans.

Source: SIBC News