Public scoffs talks on high visibility of police presence over the Christmas period to track people driving under the influence of liquor.

Most have claimed that there has been minimal police patrol around the city, and reckless driving was evident during Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Some claim that drivers even went to the extreme of driving on top of plants on roundabouts around the city.

This had the public questioning why no arrest was done by Operation High Visibility that was supposed to give "zero tolerance" to alcohol-related behavior.

"It was so obvious, all the drunk drivers around the city with some driving carelessly through the heart of town," Tony Mata told Solomon Times.

Mr. Mata said that public expectation was for police officers to be visible on the streets over the two days of celebrations and take action on the spot.

He said that people who get away with being reckless does not offer much public confidence on police to offer a peaceful environment.

A mother of three, Matilda Wane, said that while taking a drive down with her two younger children for ice-cream treat, "I had to avoid two speeding vehicles in the heart of Point Cruz".

She said that this caused her to feel so upset for the safety of her children and questioned why police were not around to arrest them.

Another upset resident, father of two, Derek Leo, claimed to have witnessed a vehicle driving "on top of the Ranadi roundabout, dragging plants all over the road".

"I was surprised that these people could get away with such nuisance and no arrests done," he said.

Solomon Times understands that focus on operations over the Christmas period was mainly outside of town boundary.

Acting Commissioner Operations, Nela Mosese, last week had told the media that whilst operations would take place in the city, police would place more focus outside of town where incidents always happen.

He added that despite public assumptions on lack of police commitment, "we have been having successes in our operations".

He said that one of their successes in the operations was the closure of two night spots outside of town.

Mr. Mosese believed that closing the two night spots will definitely reduce the number of incidents happening in Honiara.