A constitutional amendment bill to designate the country's prison system has received bi-partisan support amongst Members of Parliament.

The constitutional bill introduced by the Prime Minister during the last parliament meeting would change the country's prison service to correctional services.

This will shift the focus of the prison system to one of rehabilitation of those who run foul with the law.

Prime Minister Sikua described the bill as timely as it will help to rebuild prison services in the provinces.

Speaking in support of the bill, the Leader of Opposition, Manasseh Sogavare, described the bill as very timely, and one which would enable the Government to re-think its strategies on how to improve the function of the correctional services in Honiara and in the provincial headquarters.

Prime Minister Sikua commended the assistance provided by Australia to help improve and develop the country's prison system, with works already in place in Temotu, Makira, and Malaita provinces.