As police operations intensify over the festive season, officers have attended and closed a number of dancing spots in the outskirts of Honiara.

In one of the operations Saturday night, officers attended and ordered an immediate closure of the Kauvare nightclub, west of Honiara.

Speaking to Solomon Times, nightclub owner, Charles Chivili, expressed his disappointment on the move taken.

He described police action as "totally wrong" and that police had no power to direct his business.

According to Acting Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Peter Aoranisaka, the club was operating without the correct licence.

But Mr. Chivili denied police claims, stating that his club was registered under the Guadalcanal Province Liquor License Board as his business was located outside of Honiara town boundary.

Solomon Times was informed that the Kauvare nightclub has been in operation for five years and "it should be treated as a normal nightclub".

"For directive orders to close down my nightclub for business, I expect the advice to come from the director of the Guadalcanal Province Liquor License Board."

He said that whilst he respects police carrying out their duty to arrest and stop disorderly behaviors happening in the area, "to close down the nightclub is not what they are manned to do".

The disgruntled nightclub owner said he had already paid for his "entire license" and does not see any reason for the closure.

"I have my license for the club, bar and liquor. I am not sure what reason the police has to close my club, self interest maybe, I don't know," he said.

On "numerous complaints" from members of the public, Mr. Chivili said that he did not believe police claims.

"This would have to come from neighbours but that is not possible because the whole area, where the club is located, are relatives and no strangers."

"The area where I have built my club was owned by my family. The police should concentrate only on happenings outside of my fence because I already have 22 securities working for me," said the club owner.

He said that police officers on duty should focus on illegal happenings outside of his area and leave the other things related to his club to be dealt with by the Guadalcanal Province Liquor License Board.

Mr. Chivili told Solomon Times that anything to do with his nightclub, "I have my lawyer and I don't want any direct approach. Everything needs to go through my lawyer first".

He said that his lawyer is now looking through the liquor act and is hoping that his business re-opens as early as tomorrow.