A police operation has forced popular out-of-town Kauvare nightclub to close down.

Last night's operation was conducted by police following numerous complaints from the public in the past twelve months.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Peter Aoranisaka, explained that the club was operating without the correct licence and police have received numerous public complaints.

"Members of the public have spoken with police officers about the problems caused at Kauvare nightclub. Police have sent many patrols to the area in the last year but the problems continue to occur.

"After closer inspection on the situation, police understand that the nightclub has been operating without a valid licence and for this reason it was closed down," he said.

The people responsible for operating Kauvare nightclub have been spoken to by police and instructed not to re-open the premises.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Aoranisaka advises members of the public that they should not attend the nightclub as it has been closed by police.

"I would like to ask the people that attend the nightclub to stay away. It has been closed as it was operating without a valid licence.

"Police will be keeping a close eye on activities in the area to make sure it does not re-open until all of the required licences are granted by the relevant agencies," he said.

Meanwhile, Police also closed down the "sisi" dance nightclub in Lungga on Saturday night.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Operations, Superintendent Nela Mosese, explained that these activities require certain licences and approvals.

"The Lungga sisi dance and associated activities were operating illegally because the relevant approvals had not been obtained. Police attended the area on Saturday night and closed the dance.

"People should not attend this dance because it has been closed by police," he said.

Source: Police Media