A complaint lodged by an unknown source to the Police stated that certain people within the Judiciary are working against the lifting of the suspension order of Moti as Attorney General.

The Police were reportedly acting on a complaint lodged by an unknown source stating that certain people within the Judiciary are working against the lifting of the suspension order of Moti as Attorney General. An application for a search warrant was then given to the Police by the high court to search the Solicitor General's office.

At 4.30 pm on Friday the 22nd of June, Police raided the office of Ranjit Hewagama and took away a computer, letters and files. On the same evening, Ranjit Hewagama's lawyer lodged an injunction with the High Court to challenge the Police action. Ken Averre, Mr. Hewagama's lawyer, argued that the items confiscated were privileged documents and should never be taken. Furthermore, the documents were never mentioned in the search warrant. Mr Avere requested to the courts that the items remain in the High Court premises and not with the Police. The court, after hearing Ranjit's application, then ordered the Police to return the computer, letters and the files to be stored in the High Court premises.

The hearing was then adjourned for the next morning. The following morning on Saturday the 23rd of June, Ranjit turned up with his lawyer while the Police failed to bring their legal representative. Since the court can not proceed without a lawyer for the Police, the hearing was then adjourned to Wednesday 27th June. A source close to the hearing stated that the Police are playing a delaying tactic.

Calls made to the Director of Public Prosecution about the raid revealed that Mr. Talasasa was not aware of the proceedings. Mr Talasasa stated that the proceedings were news to him and he would be sending an officer to the high court immediately.

A reliable source stated that an unknown person raised a complaint with the Police stating that there are people within the judiciary conspiring to prevent Moti from assuming the role of AG. The source said that to conspire would involve more than one person and the raid on Ranjit's office, a member of the Judiciary Legal Services Commission, is obviously targeting the Commission.

The drama only revealed that the Sogavare-led government is determined, regardless of the civil societies protests that Moti will assume the role of Attorney General as soon as the suspended order is lifted. It is understood that the Acting AG's term will lapse at the end of the month and the government has no intention of extending the Acting AG's term in office and is looking forward to the appointment of Moti as AG.