A traditional reconciliation was held between young members of Central Honiara and Kakabona area in West Honiara.

Solomon Times was informed that the reconciliation at the Police Club followed a row that led to one of the boys from Kakabona being seriously cut on the hand following quarrels with a group from Central Honiara.

Present at the ceremony was Member of Parliament for Central Honiara, Nelson Ne'e and Member of Parliament for North-West Guadalcanal, Siriako Usa.

An informant who speaks on condition of anonymity said that the row followed a "road block" at Kakabona area.

"We were on our way back from a picnic when we came across a road block, and that's how the row started leading to serious injury on the other from Kakabona," he said.

However, the traditional reconciliation ceremony yesterday to put an end to the row was complete with three live pigs and bags of potatoes for the Kakabona boys.

Speaking for the Central Honiara group, Mr. Ne'e in the hand-over of the goods asked for the other party to take the goods as token of appreciation.

In response, Mr. Usa who stood in for the Kakabona boys said that whatever is given to them, big or small, was totally accepted by the community.

Mr. Usa said that the important thing was to patch things up between the two parties with the hope of a strong relationship formed.