The outgoing Development Coordinator for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, Blair Exell, has said the country is benefiting from the work of the mission.

Mr Exell stated that one of the main things RAMSI has been able to bring to the Solomon Islands is an environment conducive to investment.

"We are seeing services improved improvement in the reach in provincial areas and although slow, that can be improved. What is important is that the central agencies are being strengthened and their reach is starting to extend."

With regards to development projects undertaken by RAMSI, Exell stated that most, if not all, are an open tender process in which Solomon Islands companies are eligible to compete in the tender process.

Mr Exell said that one of the more pleasing things to note is the fact that the Solomon Islanders are in increasing numbers competing in the tender process.

Mr Exell stated that in the last 12 months, in the Law and Justice Sector alone, roughly 24 million dollar contracts had gone to Solomon Islands companies to provide infrastructure around the country.