Another exciting music album is set to hit the Solomon Islands music market.

Influenced since childhood by their late father to sing and write songs at a very young age, Floyd and Royce Manata, otherwise known as 'Funky' and 'Rushee' will now realize their dream by launching their first album titled 'True Love.'

Asked why he chose 'True Love' Floyd stated that it was because love has a positive and negative side to it and is all part of life.

Floyd Manata who is also the lead vocalist said that the album will contain R n B, Island Reggae, raggaton and a bit of PNG style of music to it.

He said that the idea of making the album came about after realizing the number of many uprising singers in the country. He stated that he sees himself as a song writer and would want to try and sing the songs that he wrote by using the talent given to him by God.

"If someone can do it, then we can all do it. We just need to keep working hard," he says as an advice to all aspiring singers.

He also revealed that popular singers, 'Sharzy' and Wendy Nori will be featuring in the album.

Mr. Manata said that his some of his songs from the True Love album are currently in the top 20 in the PNG FM weekly hit parade along with other local artists from the Solomon Islands.

He advised musicians who are hiding out there to expose themselves to the public and promote Solomon Islands music in order to develop the Solomon Islands music industry.

"Promote Solomon Islands music by buying original copies and avoid piracy because our musicians have a lot of potential in developing further. Buying piracy will not help the local musicians," he said as an advice to all Solomon Islands music lovers.

Mr. Manata also thanked the people who have supported him and his brother to enable them to launch their album despite all the challenges they faced in struggling to produce the album.

He also confirmed that he has signed a contract with CHM Sound studio in PNG to promote his album in PNG.