Amongst events on the '16 Days of Activism against gender Violence' a one day workshop was also organized at the Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP) centre, particularly aimed at providing a system to tackle domestic violence in Solomon Islands.

Participating in the workshop were various key stakeholders from the government, NGOs, International Organizations and Faith Based Organizations.

Mrs. Lorio Sisiolo, Manager for Family Support Centre, stated that the workshop will discuss issues to try and improve the quality of life in Solomon Islands by way of promoting people's right to live in peace, non violent and non-abusive environment.

"The workshop is also dedicated to raising the status of women and children and to empower individuals in making decisions," she added.

Women in Law Association President, Miriam Lidimani in her presentation said that with other agencies they can work together to tackle domestic violence.

"A lot of women in the country do not really know and understand what the law is and how they can be protected by it," says Mrs. Lidimani.

She stated that the Women in Law Association would like to help Solomon Islands women understand the laws on issues such as that of domestic violence and their rights.

She added that most people have the idea that lawyers should protect them, "but the point is, the law only protects what happened to the person and not what caused the problem."

She then stressed that awareness talks about the law to protect women in the country should start at the grass root level.

After many discussions, the one day workshop then ended successfully with a nomination of committee members who will then discuss and tackle issues related to domestic violence.