After releasing his fifth album, Samson Saeni, otherwise popularly known as 'Sharzy' is already planning a new album.

In an interview, Sharzy said that his next album will be called 'Lokol Albam', pidgin version for 'Local Album' will focus only on local songs, a totally different twist to his style.

He revealed that the 'Lokol Albam' is aimed at villagers and old people as it will mainly contain old language songs from the Western Province, adding that, "my new songs will have the Qonqala beats and music." Qonqala refers to the type of cultural dances of the Western province people, only seen in traditional Western Province feasts.

He believes that his up coming album will be quite famous in the local market in the Solomon Islands.

Already writing songs for his next album, Sharzy states that he will not regard the album as his sixth album, rather "I will refer to it as my fifth and a half album...It is very easy to compose local songs and to find tunes for them. These songs are easy because they will be revived songs from the Western Province."

Sharzy will begin recording in January 2009, aiming to release 'Lokol Albam' in April 2009.