Church leaders in Honiara are calling on all Christians in Honiara, and throughout the country, not to attend Reverend Moon's Global Peace Festival planned for this Saturday at the Lawson Tama Stadium.

Some Church leaders directly appealed to their congregations during church services in Honiara not to attend the Global Peace Festival, and any other Moon related activities, in Honiara or any other parts of country.

Church leaders have told their congregations that Rev. Sun Myung Moon had undermined "the finished work of Christ on the Cross and what Moon is doing is the work of the Devil and the Anti-Christ."

The church leaders made the call from their pulpits during church services on Sunday after an informal meeting was held by leaders and representatives of church and Christian ministries over the weekend. They are planning to hold another meeting yesterday, the details of the outcome are not yet known.

In an interview with the Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA) General Secretary Reverend Philemon Riti, he told the National Express that SICA has no part in the Global Peace Festival and describes Reverend Moon as "deceiving and misleading our people."

Meanwhile, during subsequent interviews with the National Express over the weekend, representatives from different churches, Christian ministries and organizations are unanimous in their call for a boycott of the Global Peace Festival and their description of Reverend Moon as the "Devil and the Anti-Christ, the end time figure spoken off in the Book of Revelation."

In an interview with a leader of one of the five main line churches, he said that as a Christian nation when the head of all churches in the country had made a decision not to be involved in the Global Peace Festival, which it regards as a cult program, then all Christian churches in the country should follow the stand taken by SICA.

The leader repeated what other leaders interviewed by the National Express had also said that "if a person regards himself or herself a Christian and on the other hand get involved in the Moon Movement, then he or she is also a believer and follower of Reverend Moon."

The Church leader said that what Reverend Moon and his followers in Solomon Islands are doing is very dangerous for Christians especially those who are young in their spiritual life.

The Church leader stated that the Reverend Moon Movement has succeeded in brain washing such young Christians, and Moon is now using them to fill up his own pockets, "he has also been making a mockery of the institution of marriage as part of his strategy to win followers."

The Church leader said that Mr. and Mrs. Moon have been using words and ideas that are familiar, attractive including their constant talking about family; "but it is not God' family that Mr. and Mrs. Moon are talking about, it is all about unity under the leadership of Reverend Moon."

"The only truth comes from the word of God and the Bible which says that Jesus alone is the way the truth and the life no one goes to the Father except through Him, and that alone is one of the fundamental principles of the Christian Faith.

"St Paul already gave us a warning; 'Be on your Guard' when I have gone, for fierce wolves will come among you they will cover themselves as sheep, even from your own group," the Church leader said.

In another interview a spokesman for another Christian group familiar with Reverend Moon's background said that the Moon movement is based on his claim that Jesus spoke to him on a hillside in Korea when he was 16 years old.

Reverend Moon claimed then that Jesus had asked him to complete his works on earth and since then Moon "re-interprets the Christian message, he re-interprets God's plan and he has no right to do so."

The Christian Group leader said that Reverend Moon called his movement 'The Unification Church' and they have come to regard themselves as the only true Christian church in the world.

"He even considers himself as the father of all humanity a man who will outdo Christ himself by uniting all religions under his leadership," said the Christian group spokesman

He concluded quoting from what a prophesy recorded in the Book of Acts which says that "there will be men coming forward who will tell lies and will lead believers away from the truth" (Acts 20:28-31).

Source: National Express