SIFF Development Officer Noel Wagapu has thanked Dream Time Shipping Company, on behalf of Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF), for sponsoring the Dream Time Youth League.

The Dream Time Youth League ended successfully and, in many ways, has achieved its core objective, which is grooming of young soccer players who participated in the league.

Mr. Wagapu told Solomon Times that throughout the league he has seen many positive signs among the kids, "like they mingle around and make new friends even though they experience pressure from other teams that they played against." Wagapu said that being exposed to a competitive tournament, and yet interact in a friendly environment, would give these young lads the right attitude to the game of soccer.

"We find that most of these kids who participated in the league have a lot of problems at home...this is not good for their self esteem...through Dream Time Youth League these kids now are happy and behaving very well," He said.

Mr. Wagapu said that he hopes that the Dream Time Youth League continues next year as they see many positive signs out of the recent league. "This is about grooming an individual not just for soccer but for anything in be a team player."