Relatives of a young man found dead in a drain east of Honiara are questioning the circumstances surrounding his death.

A close relative of the deceased, who requested not to be named, said that family and relatives of the young John Isu believe that he was not hit by a vehicle.

The young lady said that they suspect that he may have been involved in a fight which resulted in his death. She stated that the injuries on his body did not appear as if he were hit by a vehicle.

"He has injuries, broken bones and a huge scratch on his if he was dragged on the road and thrown in the drain," she told Solomon Times.

Solomon Times was told that the night before his death, he was heading out of the house telling those at the house that he was going for a walk. He was to have been found later the next day in a drain close to the Marine school east of Honiara.

The Police Media Unit has however maintained that the National Referral Hospital has confirmed that the boy had died from injuries resulting from a hit and run vehicle.

The Police Media Unit also stated that security guards at the Water Front nightclub were interviewed but they said it was a quite night and there "were no fights inside or outside of the club."