The University of the South Pacific's (USP) Professor Patrick Nunn is receiving a special accolade from the National Geographic Society for his research project that the National Geographic Society has selected as one of the "Top 25 New Trips for 2008".

According to the Fiji Times Online, Professor Nunn's southwest Viti Levu project in Fiji was selected as one of National Geographic's "Top 25 New Trips for 2008".

'A USP release said: "This is because it provided scientific volunteers a unique opportunity for immersion in an authentic culture (the team stayed in a traditional Fijian village) as well as allowing them to participate in efforts to reconstruct the cultural history of the region"', adding that Professor Nunn was 'delighted with the award, hoping it would help fund the next round of research in the area'.

According to the report, the National Geographic states that "one of the big lures is that because so little is known about the Lapita people, those who pay to participate "actually have an amazing chance of discovering something new and exciting in the field".

'Visitors pay around $US2,649 ($F4,713) to be part of the 15-day expedition, helping fund archaeological research'.