Best known in the Solomon Islands music circle for his Isabel songs, Rolley Bogese or famously known as 'Saba', has signed contracts with three music companies; the Cheen H Meen, CHM, music power house of Papua New Guinea; subsidiary company PNG Legend and the Mangroves Studio of New Caledonia.

Speaking from Buala, capital of Isabel Province, 'Saba' said CHM agreed to buy out his previous five albums as well a four year contract to produce music there; and just on Tuesday last week he signed another contract with PNG Legend to protect his music from piracy.

"I am told my music is very popular there, so this is why I signed a contract with the PNG Legend, mainly for support," said Saba.

He also revealed that a lot of recording studios in PNG have wanted to sign contracts with him but he has opted for CHM because it has all the resources to organize tours for him in PNG and also that it is the most established and most popular.

In the meantime he also said Mangroves studio in New Caledonia has already signed another contract with him to compile the 17 tracks of his previous five albums into one album. He said this is already well advanced and would soon be available to fans.

Saba also said a production house in Vanuatu, Port Vila Bistaveous Productions is dealing with reproductions sales and marketing of his music there.

Saba said his contracts prove that Solomon Islands music has potential. However he stressed that musicians just need to work hard and believe in themselves before they can be recognized. He said if he can do it like 'Sharzy' and others before him have done, others in the country can too.

"Continue with your own music, you are part of our music family," he said.

He also stressed it is perseverance and dedication with a clear aim and an objective that will get you somewhere.

Saba also added that his new album will be out before the end of this year.