The number of people living with HIV virus has increased to 12 after results from bloods samples sent to Australia returned to the country.

The new HIV positive case was revealed to National Express by a reliable source. But attempts by National Express to contact medical authorities to confirm the new case was futile as they were reluctant to provide information.

"The increasing number of cases shows that people are not responsible for themselves. The 12 confirmed cases are only from people who are willing to provide blood samples to be tested," said the source

Experts said there are likely to be more people infected with the virus in Solomon Islands but are afraid to come forward to be tested.

Reacting to the news, the General Secretary of Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA), Rev. Philemon Riti is calling on Solomon Islanders to respect Sex, stating that the right place for sexual intercourse is within the marriage context and with a single partner.

"Today, young people take sex so lightly. My advice is do not take sex lightly and see it as cheap."

He quoted Billy Graham's statement when describing people having sex outside of marriage.

"People who have sex outside of marriage are like parachuters who jump too early only at 40ft to give enough time for the parachute to open."

He also calls on the public to respect the rights of those who have been tested positive and to allow them to live their life honorably.

Source: National Express