The President of the National Council of Women, Mrs Hilda Kari calls on Police officers to respect the Uniform they are wearing.

Mrs Kari raised the concern saying that it has become a common practice for Police Officers to chew betel nut; smoke and chat with members of the public while they are on duty.

Mrs Kari said this lack of respect for the uniform is passing a wrong message to the public.

"Women no longer have confidence in police officers because of their attitude," said the former Parliamentarian.

"Police officers should not involve themselves in activities that are deemed disrespectful while they are still in uniforms."

Mrs Kari also raised concerns over the way night clubs allow teenage or under age females to enter its premises.

She calls for action by the responsible authorities saying that the lack of action may be interpreted by individuals as okay and will only encourage the young girls to go to night clubs.

In response, the police media unit said that any allegation or accusations against police officers can be dealt with, "if there is a formal complaint or proof to clearly state that police officers are encouraging young girls to enter night club, as police only deal with proper evidence."

The Media admitted that officers often smoke and chew betel nut while on duty, however it depends on an individual's attitude to abide by the laws and regulation as officers should be smart and do their jobs professionally.

National Express