Locally based Environmental group, the Environmental Concerns Action Network of Solomon Islands (ECANSI) opposes the lifting of the ban on the export of dolphins from Solomon Islands.

It says, from an economic stand point, it is very doubtful whether the Solomon Islands government would receive optimum value for its resources. ECANSI says the export of dolphins will not only damage the country's fragile tuna export of Soltai, but also the tourism destination image of the country.

It says that with international pressure being put on the Government, Solomon Islands could be on the receiving end and individuals who are bent on exporting dolphins do not care very much about the country's long term future. It cautions the Government to look closely at the long term benefits, rather than short term gains.

Mr Sogavare has recently stated that he wants proven scientific findings put forward by those that oppose the exportation of dolphins. The Prime Minister says he is not convinced of the arguments put forth by those who oppose the export of the mammals.