Minister of Environment Gordon Darcy Lilo is calling on Deputy Opposition Leader Japhet Waipora to avoid making irresponsible calls to the Prime Minister to remove ministers.

Mr Lilo was reacting to a wave of self-styled allegations by Mr Waipora in a front-page newspaper article calling on Prime Minister Sikua to remove him (Lilo) as Cabinet Minister.

Mr Lilo confidently said allegations claiming his involvement in the RIPEL saga, the Tsunami and Computer funds were used as failed political tactics to discredit him.

On the Tsunami funds, Mr Lilo said Waipora should consult the latest Government Audit Reports to see with his eyes that Gizo-Kolombangara is the last electorate to receive rehabilitation funds late this year.

He said the funds will be channeled to the proper village-based committees in the constituency to implement their rehabilitation programs.

"I challenge Mr Waipora to get his facts right on this issue before making blind accusations," he said.

On the Computer funds, Mr Lilo said he has never ever influenced any decision by the Central Tender Board as an Independent body to select a supplier of school computers.

"Again, Mr Waipora should simply consult the audit reports to substantiate his childish allegations," Lilo said.

On the RIPEL issue, Mr Lilo said the truth will soon show that there are hopeless people who are working so hard to implicate him in dirty deals inside the RIPEL bribery attempts.

Mr Lilo said Waipora should wakeup and does some research before barking like a toothless creature that can't bite.

He said Waipora is a mature politician who must strive to show sensible political leadership rather than playing with unfounded claims.

Source: Press Release