A fundraising dinner was held at the Honiara Hotel last Friday to mark the Pink Ribbon event, a global initiative to create awareness on cancers affecting women.

Speaking during the official opening, RAMSI PPF Commander, Mr. Dennis McDermott stated that the event is an opportunity to remember the women who have died of cancer.

He adds the statistics for women's cancer have increased stating that he hopes the funds raised last year and this year would provide the necessary help to detect early signs of cancer.

During her opening remarks, Lady Alice Waena, the Patron for the Pink Ribbon event thanked the fundraising committee for the hard work and funds raised so far.

She mentioned that according to statistics, since 2004-2008, cases of breast cancer had risen to 79 cases, cervical cancer had risen to 133 cases, uterus cancer to 36 cases and others to 7, adding that "this is pointless if the authorities do not do anything about it."

She also adds that with the funds it will help early detection of cancer in women.

As patron for the pink ribbon, she also made appeals to the Ministry of Health and medical services to help address the issues regarding cancer in women.

The guest of honor for the celebrations was the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena and Lady Waena, the Wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Doris Sikua, the Special Coordinator for RAMSI, Mr. Tim George and RAMSI PPF Commander, Mr. Dennis McDermott.

Government Ministers, Government officials, International NGO's, various business houses and various prominent people were present during the event.