The Acting Police Commissioner Walter Kola has denied rumours that the recent stabbing at the Honiara Central Market could spark a reoccurrence of the Guadalcanal ethnic tension.

The stabbing incident as reported by the local media last week occurred in the early hours of Friday morning at the Central market. The stabbing involved a young man from Marau in East Guadalcanal.

Mr. Kola reassures the public that the stabbing at the Central Market, which resulted in the death of a young man from Guadalcanal, is not in anyway related to the ethnic tension.

In a weekly press conference with the local media, the Acting Police Commissioner said that the police are continuing with their investigations, and therefore is calling on the public to remain calm.

"That young boy tried to intervene during a scuffle and was accidentally stabbed and killed...he was an innocent person."

He warns individuals not to spread false rumours and confuse the situation. He calls on relatives of the deceased to remain calm "and leave the matter to the police."

"I also urge the public to cooperate and assist the police any way they can...and we should allow the courts to bring about justice," said the Acting Police Commissioner.

SOURCE: National Express