A six month old fetus was found in a stream at Kobito One, below Naha road.

Preliminary reports from the police say that the baby was found by a Kobito resident at approximately 7am over the weekend and had informed the police immediately.

Police are still carrying out investigations and are currently searching for the child's mother. Mr. Kola said that the cause of the child's death is yet to be confirmed as they are still awaiting post mortem results.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Walter Kola said that detectives are seeking a woman, aged 30, for questioning.

The woman was last seen at Kobito after the baby was found floating in the shallow stream over the weekend.

Mr. Kola said that the police are also concerned that the woman is also putting herself at risk. He said that the woman would have serious complications if she fails to seek medical attention.

Mr. Kola is appealing to members of the public to approach the police if they have any information relating to the incident.