Looking for an unforgettable experience? Then look no further, Solomon Islands is host to many eco-lodges and beautiful Island resorts, one of which is Uepi Island Resort.

The Uepi Island Resort is one of the most relaxing resorts located in the scenic Marovo Lagoon in the Western Province. The Marovo lagoon is also arguably the World's biggest lagoon.

Speaking with the Supervisor of the resort, Mr. Marshall Piduru said that although they get visitors from all walks of life, business people seem to frequent the resort, normally a short weekend vacation.

"The Uepi Resort has all the requirements that anybody could ask for, the six bungalows ensures the privacy and intimacy of guests," he added.

Mr. Piduru said that another group that frequents the Uepi Resort is the group divers. Mr. Piduru explains that the Marovo Lagoon has many beautiful diving spots, "and we have services to provide to such diving enthusiast including diving tours."

Mr. Piduru told Solomon Times that all their guests always say that they love the relaxing air of the lagoon and the beautiful view of the white sandy beach.

Mr. Marshall Piduru said that they sometimes provide village tours for their guests, "and this is when our guests would have the real experience of the cultures and tradition of Marovo," he told Solomon Times.

He said that the resort would prepare programs together with the village chief, so that they would be well prepared to welcome those that visit their village. "During the village tours, villagers display their traditional activities and they would also put on display their cultural arts and crafts," said the Supervisor. "The village tours will help visitors know more about the culture of our people and at the same time it will also help villagers earn some money for their family."

The Supervisor told Solomon Times that it is now close to Christmas and they are expecting a good number of guests, "and we look forward to providing the best of service for our guests for an unforgettable experience."