A new crime has hit the streets, causing concern among the Police.

According to the Police, 'Car Thieving' has suddenly gone a rise in the recent years.

Recently, reports reached the police that two cars were stolen and were found later around the Henderson area completely stripped off their tires, engines and stereos.

According to the Acting Commissioner of Police, Walter Kola, these are new crimes that have only recently been reported to the police. Mr. Kola said that the small size of Honiara has been a deterent in the past which, unfortunately, is not the case anymore.

"Police have been taking measures and steps in efforts to solve the crime," says Mr. Kola.

The recent rise in the new crime is believed to have been encouraged due to the high cost of living in Honiara. Money obtained from selling of spare parts through black market is said to be very good.

Richie Mani, a car owner told Solomon Times that the rise in the new crime has caused alarm among drivers, especially those cab drivers who work throughout the night and are often targeted.

"It will be more helpful for the police if people who own cars or trucks take precautions," says Mr. Mani.