The National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPA) committee of the Ministry of Environment held a one day workshop yesterday to review their Draft Action Plan for 2009.

Mr. Chanel Iroi, Director of Meteorology in the Ministry of Environment, Conversation and Meteorology said the NAPA Action Plan is now in its final stage.

"The workshop is one of the major activities in the effort towards the completion of the document," says Iroi.

Mr Iroi added that the objective of the workshop is to inform participants of the NAPA project preparations and outcomes. This also gives the opportunity to finalize activities, discuss and provide input into the draft NAPA document.

Mr. Iroi stated that the NAPA document is an ongoing process and in time "we will proceed into seeking assistance from other countries to assist the Solomon Islands in the effects of climate change."

The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants from various key NGO's, and Government representatives.

The Action Plan is expected to launch at the end of the month.