The Solomon Islands Music Federation (SIMF) recognizes that training is an important element instrumental to the success of the Music Industry in the country.

This is according to the President of Solomon Islands Music Federation, Placid Walekwate in his speech during the closing of the five days recording workshop for local artists in the country.

Mr Walekwate said that the sophistication of instrument and musical equipments nowadays warranted qualified sound engineers and technicians and competent music teachers.

Mr. Walekwate said that SIMF recognizes the importance and to further improve the talent of musicians in the country, in particular, the field of recording. He said that SIMF with its limited resources has successfully made arrangement through Dr Denies Crowdy of the Macquarie University in Sydney Australia thus resulting in the five day workshop.

The workshop was successfully completed by local artists and musicians in the country and in doing so setting history for the music industry of Solomon Islands, Walekwate said. "The recording workshop will elevate the standard and quality of recording in the country."

"A music Industry is an avenue for creating hope for our young people towards building a better life for themselves," Walekwate said. "A strong music Industry can also create wealth for those involved."

Mr Walekwate said it may not happen during the present generation but it will happen if "we continue on with what has already been set and achieved in the five day workshop."

A lead vocalist of Royal Priest Band, speaking on behalf of the participants described the workshop as an appropriate mechanism that will boost the standard of their music and quality of recording.

SIMF highly appreciated the CNURA government through the Minister for Women, Youth and Children Affair's, Permanent Secretary, Ethel Sigimanu, and Director for Youth, Edward Anisitolo.

National Express