The continuous power failure within Honiara has caused a lot of frustrations among citizens.

According to the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) workers this is due to a fault in the generators at the Lunga power station.

They revealed to Solomon Times that the generators had been supplying more power than it should have which had over worked the generators.

Power to various places within the city would then have to be lessened to decrease the load on the generators and to allow the authority to work on the generators.

A Ms. Margret Olala who works for a private law firm has stated that the power cuts has caused a lot of frustrations to everyone.

"The authorities should do something about it and fix the entire problem to avoid such things to happen in the future. We cannot work if the power goes off five hours of the eight hour working day even. It is more frustrating when we work on deadlines. We know it will take time to fix but a much proper running generator would have solved it entirely," she adds.

"The power blackout has handicapped alot of businesses. We are loosing alot of clients because of the power outs and this is very frustrating. The authorities need to fix this as soon as possible," says Leonara who works in an internet cafe.