The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has revealed that Solomon Islands would find difficulty in dealing with any outbreak that may result from the 'Sanlu' contaminated baby formula and the white rabbit candies produced in China.

The Supervisor of the Public Health Laboratory, Dickson Muaki, issued this warning after contaminated baby milk killed four children and left 53-thousand children sick in Mainland China.

He said that the Solomon Islands Public Health Laboratory lacks the proper equipment and facilities to monitor and test imported food products.

Mr. Muaki said that the Government should prioritize things that will benefit the country because any imported food and other products have to be properly tested to see if it was good for the health of the people.

As result of this, imported food suspected of being contaminated by the chemical Melamine had been sent for testing in Brisbane, Australia.

According to Mr. Muaki, the chemical Melamine is used in fertilizer and plastic production. He said that some Mainland China companies may have put the chemical in the products to artificially boost the level of protein in their baby milk.

National Express