Solomon Times took to the streets to find out what the public thought following the loss of the Kurukuru boys to Cuba.

"Losing the match against Cuba doesn't mean that our boys aren't capable of playing in the Futsal World Cup. This is only their first game so the Team along with their fans should not be too discouraged," says Raymond Mauriasi from Vura 3.

Peterson Make from Kwa Hill stated that as a Solomon Islander he feels very proud to have been represented by a team like the Kurukuru and despite the loss, "I know they will do well in their next game."

He added that as the youngest team in the competition the World Cup is definitely a huge challenge for them.

"Although the age gap may have been a hurdle for them, they have done very well so far. I was happy with the way they performed in their game yesterday when I watched them on TV," he said. According to Mr. Make, the boys may have lacked a little on the defending side.

"They deserve going to Brazil to represent our country and the Pacific Region. Solomon Islanders are always kept up to date by the media, and we hope for the best in the next game," says Desmond Rurua of Kukum.

Many Kurukuru fans have assured Team Kurukuru that they will continue to support them in the upcoming games.