Mango season: one of the seasons most Solomon Islanders look forward to.

It is very obvious when mango season is here.

The evidence? Colorful mangoes adorn market stalls. Children rushing up mango trees often directed by adults stationed at the bottom of the tree.

According to children, climbing the trees is an activity they look forward to everyday.

"When teachers don't attend classes, we leave early so we can look for the mangoes before anyone does. This mango season is quite exciting, as more trees around the city area are fruitful," says 12 year old Junior Tovusia.

"We get told off many times by officers around the public areas, as many times, we try to take the mangoes down with stones, and most times the stones end up on office roofs. When we don't have luck, we look for trees in private areas and ask permission to climb the trees," says 10 year old Bernard Sibi.

Many go to great lengths just to have a taste of delicious mangoes. And of course, you could never blame children for trespassing for mangoes, when the prices of mangoes at the market stand at $5 each, money they don't often have.