The concept of teaching people to become viable assets to themselves by using their own resources including their skills has been put into practice in West Honiara.

A two day market was officially opened last Friday by Hon. Isaac Inoke, MP for West Honiara at the Art Gallery.

Hon. Inoke, who also initiated the idea said that the various activities undertaken by some residents of West Honiara at the Art Gallery was a practical example of how people could use the concept of 'Personal Viability' to drive them forward.

The concept called 'Personal Viability' (PV) was introduced in Solomon Islands under a training program organized by a PNG naturalized citizen of Asian origin, Mr Samuel Tam.

Mr. Inoke said that most of the people who took part in the Art Gallery market were amongst the forty seven (47) participants sponsored by Mr. Inoke to attend a PV training session in Honiara in June this year.

"Today you have witnessed what they have learnt put into practice by utilizing their potential skills to generate income for themselves."

He added that his intention was to help them learn how they can become efficiently productive in their homes. He said that the missing link for the people of Solomon Islands was not realizing that they can convert their skills into a means of income.

Mr. Inoke said that the nation must be reminded of the old Chinese proverb that a Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and it is high time the nation sees the importance of the PV program being able to enhance people to achieve their business plans and visions.

National Express