Counting will continue despite pressures from candidates contesting the East Honiara bye-election for a halt to proceedings citing corrupt practices and voter irregularities.

During the Commissioner's conference this morning, Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall confirmed that the Electoral Commission will now use the Police Club to continue the counting, because it is much safer there.

"The previous venue was not that safe, especially when supporters were standing right outside of the door," said Mr. Marshall.

Mr Marshall also revealed that as of 11am this morning at least 16 ballot boxes were yet to be counted. Mr Marshall said that if need be the counting will continue tomorrow morning.

Dr. George Manimu and his supporters have alleged that the whole process has been compromised because of bribery. One of the supporters spoken to allege that in some polling stations the number of votes cast is more than the actual registered voters. He also accused one of the candidates of bribing voters "in broad daylight."