As the day comes to an end, more and more people are crowding around the Honiara City Council, eager to hear the result of the Bye-Election for East Honiara.

Solomon Times spoke to the counting agents at the Honiara City Council who revealed that out of the 37 ballot boxes, only 16 ballot boxes have been counted.

The ballot boxes counted are from communities of Zion, Bible Way, Naha 1,2 and 3, Vura 1,2 and 3, St Nicholas and Mbua Valley.

Counting agents stated that the tally for the first sixteen ballot boxes is in favour of Silas Milikada with a margin of 925 voters.

It is then followed by Dr. George Manimu and Mr. Edward Ronia.

According to the counting agents, the numbers can change over time as more than half of the boxes are not counted as yet.

Representative from the Electoral Commission mentioned that the total number of voters for East Honiara is more than 38,000 however they estimate that it could be less.

Currently there are 4,000 estimated voters for the 16 ballot boxes.

Counting agents say that the counting of the ballot paper could be completed between 6pm to 8 pm this evening.

Meanwhile, the Lau / Baelelea Constituency elections in Malaita will also begin counting this afternoon.