The increase in squatter settlements and related crime and drug activities in the Capital is becoming a major problem.

A concerned citizen stated that he is concerned over the increase of squatter settlements. He said the increase in squatter settlements has also seen a sudden rise in drugs and alcohol related activities.

He believes the Government's bottom-up approach can provide some answers to the growing problem. "The Government's Bottom-up approach policy should be implemented quickly to reduce the rate of urban drift," said the man.

The concerned local man remarked that there are lots of unemployed people anxiously waiting for the implementation of the policy because it holds a lot of opportunities for them.

"I understand that there are a lot of unemployed people waiting for the implementation of the policy because they know that in one way or the other they'll get some sort of paid employment in the rural areas if the policy is successful," said the man.

He stated that the trend in which unemployed people come into town has compounded the already prevalent problem of unemployment in Honiara.

"In order to reduce the rate of urban drift the government must create job opportunities at home not in towns," said this man.

"It's this difficulty in finding job opportunities that worries me, this means that these people would then embark on vicious activities which the law doesn't allow," echoed the concerned man.