Six more communities in East and Central Rennell this week received solar lighting.

This was made possible by the Member of Parliament for Rennell and Bellona, Hon. Seth Gukuna through the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

The number of communities to have received solar lighting within the Rennell-Bellona constituency now stands at seven. The Hutuna community received theirs earlier in the year.

Martin Tauniu who spoke on behalf of Hon Gukuna says the solar systems and its accessories were handed to the communities of Teloghona, Tegano, Niupani, Tevaitahe, Avatai and East Lavangu this week.

According to Mr. Tauniu, SBD$100,000 were spent on each village totaling to SBD$700,000.

Mr Tauniu says the MP had pledged to provide more solar power systems to the communities of his constituency during his term.

According to Mr. Tauniu, families who have received the much needed assistance are grateful that their Member of Parliament had addressed the issue.

Mr Tauniu says the women are the happiest group as they will never have to worry about the cost of kerosene for their lamps. This will also enable their children to do their studies in reliable lighting.