Wearing sun glasses was never a common sight for most Solomon Islanders.

However, in the recent generation, there has been a mad rush for sunglasses.

Besides wearing the 'sunnies' because of the sun, people of all ages wear it because of the fashion.

Solomon Times caught up with some people on the streets and asked them about the sun glasses they wear.

"I wear sunglasses now as the sun seems quite stronger than in the previous years. And of course my choice depends on the type of fashion," says Ms. Sharon Aru of Kukum.

"I like Paris Hilton a lot, which is why I opted for bigger sunglasses. I do think our preference for the Western lifestyle plays a part in our fashion," says Amelia Kurua of West Kolaridge.

"I wear sunnies not only because it protect my eyes but i find that it is fashionable," says John Alemua of Tuvaruhu.

In a typical Solomon Islands setting, the generations before never were into 'sunnies' as they were afraid of what other people would think. Wearing sunglasses in the previous years would make people think that a person has preferred the lifestyle of a 'white man' or a European rather than the Solomon Islands lifestyle.

However, as generations change, Solomon Islanders are more used to seeing locals wearing sunglasses and the reason behind wearing sunglasses- to protect the eyes.

As the Western lifestyle begin to influence the local lifestyle, more people are opting for a fashionable 'sunnies' rather than just any sunglasses.

Of course you definitely need a pair of 'sunnies' if you live in a 37 degree Celsius of the Solomon Islands.