Besides being a symbol of the pacific, the Coconut tree other wise known as the 'tree of life' plays a major role to the people of the Pacific Region.

Despite the different culture and tradition, the coconut fruit, the leaves and the trunk play a similarly important role to the pacific lifestyle.

The coconut fruit is one the most favored drink; sweet, juicy and most of all healthy if you are health conscious. Even when the fruit is dried up, don't think of throwing it away as the dried coconut fruit contains dried coconut meat, a most required Pacific recipe to any dish.

Almost every pacific dish requires coconut milk and if you are a food lover, you are encouraged to try Fish in Coconut milk, Potato, Taro or banana in coconut milk, or the famous Pumpkin containing coconut milk and vegetables. If you have been to the Pacific and have never tasted any dish with coconut milk then you have never been to the Pacific at all.

The coconut leaf on the other hand is required for traditional mats, traditional leaf hut, garden utensils, brooms, food basket, fishing basket and even decorations for a feast or function. There are many more countless need for the coconut leaves.

The trunk is usually required for house posts, dug out canoe, bridge, benches and food bowl.

Depending on the type of culture, the tree is also usually used for traditional medicine, homebrewed alcohol, traditional drinks and other traditional needs.

In different traditions, the coconut tree is also used to mark traditionally owned lands.

Unlike other trees, this tree grows on any ground and does not require fertile land. Particularly for people living on atoll islands, they have more use for this tree as this is the only tree that could grow well on atoll islands.