Upon receiving criticisms from the public, the Solo Idol Co-ordinator, Charles Ratu has come out to clarify issues regarding the Solo Idol winner and the judge.

According to Mr. Ratu, Jonathan Auna is only one of the four judges and there could not have been favor shown by Jonathan Auna to his brother, David Auna the Solo Idol winner.

"This is the Solomon Islands style and because of the 'wantok system', people would automatically think that Mr. Jonathan Auna had shown favor for his brother.

"We had our mind set on other judges for the show, however not all of them showed commitment and consistency as required for a judge, so we decided on Jonathan Auna because of his commitment and passion for music.

"According to the proof that we have here, Jonathan has been professional in judging his brother and not at all what people thought. Jonathan was the only judge to have given Miss. Becky Maetia consistent scores of 10 in previous shows," says Charles Ratu.

"Becky Maetia and David Auna are both talented singers, however, when it came to the final, difficult decisions had to be made," says Ratu.

Charles Ratu also revealed that not only is David Auna a great singer but he is also someone with leadership qualities with a positive attitude who will show support and encourage upcoming singers.

Many spectators also revealed that David would make a great ambassador for youths of the Solomon Islands as his exposure to the music scene is an added bonus that often takes many young people years to build.

Mr. Ratu concludes that they have taken on board all the critics and they want everyone to look forward again for next years Solo Idol.